Hello, friend. I’m Brianna

For as long as I can remember my life has been lead by a deep, insatiable curiosity.  Like Alice curiously adventuring down the rabbit hole, I have always found a great deal of joy in imagining and exploring all the things. Ok, maybe not all the things, just most of them; from running, to gardening, to photography, to Yosemite, to yoga, to movies, aaaaaaaand, of course, theology. I suppose this natural bend toward the curious is what has guided my path to where I am today – professor of theology and preacher of grace, connector of people and emphatic restorative.

From this humble corner of the blogsphere I say to you, oh lovely reader, Welcome. Here you will find encouragement to choose whimsy, to be loved just as you are, to dream big. Here you are offered creative space to process, to question, to be curious.  Here you are invited to gather and toss LOVE & LIGHT like confetti. I am SO very glad that you are here.